NYC, October 5-10 | Denver, October 11-20

SF, October 26-31 | Australia, January 2-14


Hello there! My name is Laurel.

I was raised as a classic Southern Belle, and from that I gained a little charm and a warm personality .

Physical delights are simple to describe: green catlike eyes, rimmed with soft lashes to bat up at you invitingly, the frame of a wavy chestnut mane, often frizzed up in the rain, breasts just abundant enough to spill over the sides of my fingers.

Harder to capture is the appeal of a nature overflowing with joie de vivre, a gregarious disposition, and a quick mind craving stimulation. Isn't it delightful to connect with someone completely tuned in and attentive? Let's share in that delight together.

My voracious desire for pleasure demands to be satisfied fully. The encounters which truly kindle my fire can only be formed when we relate to each other genuinely, slowly giving in to our growing passion and intimacy. Come a little closer, and let's get to know each other.

Under 18? Get out of here!

Sound like your cup of tea? I'm so pleased. Come take a look...