My rates incentivize longer dates where we have sufficient time to connect and (dare I say) begin to seduce each other. I only meet those with whom I expect to be compatible. This leads to a much more pleasant experience for both parties.

Deposits are required for our first meeting, and any subsequent date involving travel or expenses on my part. I handle this quite discreetly.

For the remainder of the fee, the correct etiquette is to put cash in an unsealed envelope, handing it to me within the first five minutes of meeting. It's a nice touch to tuck this into a book, magazine, or card - especially when we meet in public. I can also accept pre-payment via Bitcoin.

Outcalls throughout the Bay Area

2500, 4 hour classic date - flirtation and seduction at a museum, game, show, or cultural attraction... and a dessert left to your vivid imagination.

6000, 16 hour overnight - As above - plus falling asleep legs entwined, to be woken by sunlight and soft kisses.

1000, ninety minutes - the gentleman's hour. You bring the wine, or shall I?

Fly me to you, within the US

5000, covers my travel within the US, private incall, and six hour classic date

10000, add an overnight and awaken from blissful dreams to a morning sweeter still.

Around the world

Travel buddy status is unlocked once we've gotten to know each other. Once we've established mutual compatibility, whisking me off is thoroughly encouraged.

...eager to meet?