More! I must learn more!

Such enthusiasm! My blog was recently censored in the Great Tumblr Purge. Thanks SESTA! I post on twitter - come say howdy.

Where are you from?

My passport says USA, and my heart says Texas.

What's the best way to contact you?

I love a good introduction email. To prove yourself a considerate, charming man, you should include in your introduction screening information (that's two companion references and/or your full legal name), plus a suggested time for our tête-à-tête.

What is screening?

I don't meet everyone who contacts me. You have to prove yourself worthy. My screening methods guard me from roués and cads; allowing only a charming, respectful gentlemen to court me.

I've never done this before!

Many of my clients are new to Fem Dom relationships. I understand that this may be out of your comfort zone and experience. By being straightforward, honest, and communicating clearly our preferences and concerns, we can together make a beautiful experience.

I take it as a compliment when you find me compelling enough to reach out. Whether I end up being your favorite girlfriend, glowing reference to other companions, or simply a fond memory, I enjoy introducing people to this world of pleasure and decadence.

Keep in mind: Butterflies in the stomach are part of the demimonde's fun. Channel that nervous energy into impressing me during our date; I enjoy doing the same for you.

Ever break the law?

Time with me is a lot of fun, and always deliciously legal.

Can you dress to my exact specifications?

I default to dressing like a librarian in winter, and sundresses in summer, with lovely lingerie waiting to be revealed beneath. Wardrobe requests may be honored if appropriate to the event and weather, assuming I have it in my closet. I will never wear an outfit in public that would raise suspicious eyebrows, so if you can't have fun unless I'm in long leather boots and skintight vinyl, I'm afraid I'll have to change into that behind closed doors.

May I bring you something?

I would love help feeding my book addiction. In nonfiction, my tastes run toward the in-depth but accessible: no textbooks, but something that gives a good grounding in its subject area. In fiction, I usually gravitate towards magical realism, speculative/scifi, and tales that push the boundaries of what a book can be. Really, I'm a book slut - show me your favorite novel and you can’t go wrong!

If you prefer more traditional gestures of courtship, I do love yellow roses, Rieslings, and especially chocolate truffles. Favorite flavors include passion fruit, dark chocolate, lavender, and rose. Feed one to me and watch me swoon...

Update 2019: while in California, I prefer fresh fruit to chocolate. Want to eat a marionberry off my belly button?

What's your pet peeve?

Feeling rushed, whether in a booking or to meet RIGHT NOW.

What ever will we have to talk about?

My interests are varied and voracious. I love, among other things, Baroque music, BDSM, the Beatles, cats, cooking, emoji, epistemology, ethics, etymology, financial planning, flower arranging, game theory, gardening, hiking, information theory, Japanese anime and mangoes, marketing, photography, religion, 60s vintage psychedelia, social media, travel hacking, whisky, and writing. Of course, there's nothing I like more than to hear someone expound on a subject they're passionate about. It's fascinating and educational!

BDSM, you say?

Oh goodness yes.

Do you have any reviews?


Do you want reviews?

I do not, have not, and never will accept reviews. I would never expose a client’s personal information for all the internet to see, and expect that same courtesy in return.

What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?

If I want to be the first Domme on Mars, I'm going to need to establish my reputation.